April 22:

Bulkhead Locations

# Dist (in) Description Reference Location
1 18.625 Nose Gear Mounting (Vertical Mount) Leading
2 21.000 Nose & Fuselage molds interface Mid-Plane
3 40.965 Main Wing Spar Trailing
4 51.346 TE Wing Spar Leading
5 62.500 Forward Engine Mount Trailing
6 66.750 Aft Engine Mount Leading
(With 0.25" Brackets)
7 76.75 Forward Tail Mount Trailing
8 80.75 Aft Tail Mount Leading

Wing Dimensions

LE Location 37.4559 in $36+4*tan(20)$
Root Chord 17.5441 in $19-4*tan(20)$
Tail LE 74.89293871476 in

Spar Locations:

Wing LE $36+4*tan(20*pi/180)+(19-4*tan(20*pi/180))*.20$ 40.9647
Wing TE $36+4*tan(20*pi/180)+(19-4*tan(20*pi/180))*.75$ 50.6140


Part Weight (lbs)
Tail Structure (L and R) 1.363
LE Spar 0.466
TE Spar 0.292
Motor 0.080
Speed Controller 0.322
2-Cell Battery 0.552
3-Cell Battery 0.814
Shroud/Fan Mount 0.060
Propeller 0.044
Motor Cover/ Shroud 0.008

March 13:

Eli's Structural Analysis Notes:

Eli Notes


Callie, Jim, James and Joe are working on internal wing structure designs and the goal is to have the structure determined by this Friday. Scott, Shannon, Dinh, Vince, and Grant are working on the fuselage internal structure designs and the goal is to have this determined in as much detail as allowable at that point next Friday (3/7).

The following are the five spar designs we are carrying through to the construction stage followed by testing

  • balsa core with kevlar sleeve
  • balsa core with kevlar carbon bonded to the top and bottom of the core reinforced with kevlar sleeve
  • balsa core with carbon fiber sleeve
  • balsa core with kevlar carbon bonded to the top and bottom of the core reinforced with carbon fiber sleeve
  • carbon fiber rectangular rod

Coupon Testing Results

Test results are available in this Excel file Coupon Testing Results.xls

Hand or send Shannon your weekly hours by 1:30 every Monday

Current Schedule for the rest of the quarter:

February 15:

Vince, Shannon and Dinh complete scaled drawing of Canard Configuration

Grant, James, Jim and Joe complete scaled drawing of Traditional Configuration with engines mounted on 45 degree pylons.

February 19:

Structures meeting to discuss each members spar designs and decide on three or four designs to bring into the construction and testing phases.

Testing various coupons for skin.

February 29:

Complete testing on coupons

Complete testing on spars

March 7

Complete configuration of the internal structure of the wing

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