Project Management

Our goal is to keep this project organized and make sure that everyone is on track. The main focus is on cost, schedule and performance. All funding will go through us for approval and actual transfering of funds. We will be in charge of setting the main deadlines and keeping tabs on the group's status with respect to those deadlines. Lastly, making sure that our design objectives are being met by the individual groups so that in the end our plane flys well.

Please use this page to disucss items specific to our group. If at all possible please CC me on any project related stuff, just so I can keep tabs on everyone. Also keep track of your hours and send them to me/Shannon every Monday so our own work can be recognized.The meeting notes from each week will be posted below, hopefully soon after we have the meeting.

Meeting Notes

Wednesday Feb 20th

Each member is going to have a group or two to 'watch out' for. Please make sure that they group is on task as far as schedule. Get them help/poke at other teams when needed. Here are the group match ups:

Aero - Katie
Avionics - David
Propulsion - Joe
Structures - Callie
Materials and Construction - Shannon
Flight Test - Joe
CAD - Callie

We are also going to be putting the report together as we go in Latec. Please read up on it or talk to Joe about how to use it. We'll have an outline soon.

Tuesday Feb 5th

Finances are going to be maintained by David. All of the proposals for purchases are going to go through him and be kept track of in some sort of an excel sheet. Estimates for each groups spending should be given to us by Friday Feb. 15th, so we can see where we stand. The estimate for our budget is currently $6,000 - $7,000, hopefully we can get more information from Chet or Eli about our budget.

In order to estimate how much this project would cost we are also going to be keeping track of man hours during this project. Shannon offered to create the timesheets that will be given to each of the group leads. At the end of the week we will be given the timesheets and put the total hours into a master spread sheet. (Maybe with work% pie chart…)


We are going to be the ones setting the overall deadlines for the major aspects of this project. We can use both google calendar and a waterfall chart to keep track of the project. The leads of the individual groups should send us their schedules so that we can put it into an overall project schedule. We also get to harass groups when they are running late. Go us!

Current Deadlines:

Feb. 29th: Avionics/Mat. & Construction delivers a flight ready BigBird2007

Feb 29th: Mat. & Construction delivers an R/C plane to Flight Test for experience

March 7th: Aero Team delivers final config to CAD team

March 10th: Main orders for needed parts for all groups completed

March 14th: CAD files are sent to ATS

March 14th: Flight test has flown both BigBird2007 and R/C plane and recorded data

*Finals week: Rehersal and PDR

*Group leads will be asked for the good times for their groups to present. Hopefully we can find a day for everyone.


The performance requirements will be complete and compiled by Joe, Katie, and Callie. The performance characteristics will be ranked as must haves and nice to haves in addition with a method to track the projects progress towards completing those goals. A future meeting needs to take place to combine those goals.

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