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Whats going on:

Weight estimates and other parameters from different groups:


  • Weight density/unit area
    • Kevlar/Carbon r = 0.225 lbs/ft2
    • Kevlar r = 0.160 lbs/ft2


  • Payload weights = 3 lbs
    • Servos
    • Telemetry
    • Video Camera
    • other (if applicable)


  • Landing gear weight total = 2 lbs
    • "Assuming there will be a nose gear, one left and one right gear (assuming under each wing at this point), the weights were estimated going off of weights from the past two years. Being that the landing gear weight will be potentially at least 10 percent of the aircraft weight, 1.5 pounds is a ROUGH weight estimate. However, I would say to estimate it with 2 pounds to include additional internal structure (bulk heads). "


  • Dual engine weight ~ 1 lb
  • Battery weight ~ 3 lbs
  • Single engine static thrust = 8 lbs (assume 20% decrease in efficiency when installed)
  • Engine size: diameter = 3.54 in

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